Quick Facts

Ana Belen Elliott is a traveling piano teacher providing private, in-home music lessons in King County.

    She began teaching piano in her second year of high school and through that discovered a passion for passing on the gift of music. She has been teaching piano ever since, and continues to grow in her love for music every day.

  She has completed two, year-long courses through Rogers Piano Studio: the Master’s Program (Advanced piano mastery)  and the Teacher Mentorship Program (Piano pedagogy and business education.)

   She is an active member of MTNA (Music Teachers National Association) and WSMTA (Washington State Music Teachers Association) in the South King County Chapter.


Musical Background

    Ana Belen studied piano under private instruction for twelve years, including 6 years with Julie Swienty, piano faculty at Green River College, and completing a 2 year program on Piano Performance and Pedagogy under the tutelage of Chris Rogers of Rogers Piano Studio. On several occasions she has been tutored by  prestigious pianists and professors such as concert pianist Dr. Yelena Balabanova, WWU professor Dr. Jeffery Gilliam, and PLU Chair of Piano Studies Dr. Oksana Ezhokina.  She continues pursuing music education today as an active member of a local association of music teachers. (SKC WSMTA)

Why I Teach

    I learned to value music as a beautiful gift through piano lessons in my early childhood. I loved the ability to express my creativity through music, and I especially enjoyed when others were blessed by what I played. Beyond that, the camaraderie I find with fellow musicians often turns into strong and lasting friendships because of the passion we will always have in common. After many years of study, the educational benefits also became obvious to me. Students gain insight into the genius of composers, and the affect music has had on history. By learning to analyze and recognize patterns in music, piano students develop critical thinking skills. And it goes without saying  what a great skill music reading is: the ability to read music is akin to knowing another language!

    My dream is that I would help others realize this for themselves. Working with each individual student's gifting and interests to give them a taste of the life-changing effect of music is among the greatest joys I know. This is what led me to begin teaching piano in high school, and  my love of teaching only continues to grow.

~Ana Belen Emme