Exploring Music

Enrich your student's music education by with an opportunity to come together with other students and explore aspects of music that go beyond the scope of their weekly lessons! They'll dive into music history and meet all kinds of instruments through games, crafts, hands-on activities. Low-key performances and participation in class challenges will boost their confidence and build camaraderie. Soon, music won't be just another subject to learn, but an exciting part of their life!

Have you ever had a melody or a lyric in your head that you wished you could turn into a song? Learn how with Emme Music Studio's brand new Songwriting program! With two different class levels to accommodate various skill levels, you'll soon be crafting melodies, building harmonies, and even adding your own lyrics if you'd like! Experience a supportive learning environment with expert teaching and peer encouragement.

 Collaborative Piano                                                                              
 Would you like to be more confident in your ability to play with other musicians? Jump into an interactive group experience with other aspiring collaborative pianists, and learn how to play your instrument in several important and useful contexts including accompanying solo artists and being a band member! You will learn many necessary skills and have opportunity to practice with violinists, vocalists, and other pianists.